You have to think to learn.
You have to think to produce.
You have to think to program a computer.

"Physics Foibles”, a different kind of physics book that examines ideas that are just dusted or never even discussed in class. Are the words Unknowable, Probability, Uncertainty, Incompleteness, Chaos an Embarrassment to science? Read the book, then answer.

Numbers are the are the Supreme Court of science theories.
Newton’s laws had to yield when the numbers dictated.
Godel required numbers for his Incompleteness Theory. See Godel below.
Calculate Pi and e Mother Natures’ numbers with a PC using random numbers,
How long will it take a monkey to duplicate Shakespeare?
PC programs for number conversions.

Entropy is the Alcatraz of Thermodynamics and more.
Entropy lurks in the roll of dice, roulette spins, coin flips and poker hands.
Entropy - Statistical Mechanics and Probability are linked at the hip.
Population, Economics, Information Entropy.
Can a random poll of 400 people render how 1,000,000 will vote?
See how one calculates Poll’s Margin of Error and Confidence Levels with random numbers.
Drunks walks - coin flips - molecules to the left - molecules to the right - Entropy - probability - distinctions without a difference!
View Entropy with a random number generator on a PC.

Godel Incompleteness:
A monumental achievement. If you are a science major you must know Godel.
In 1931Godel examined arithmetic with numbers (a recursive effort) and concluded that you can’t prove everything with a finite number of axioms.
Godel was a programmer without a computer.
View Turing’s version of Godel Incompleteness.
Stephen Hawking said "Some people will be very disappointed if there is not an ultimate theory,
that can be formulated as a finite number of principles. I used to belong to that camp,
but I have changed my mind. I'm now glad that our search for understanding will never come to an end,
and that we will always have the challenge of new discovery. Without it, we would stagnate.
Gödel’s theorem ensured there would always be a job for mathematicians".
Did Godel trunp the "Theory Of Everything"? Physics remains incomplete.

Heisenberg Uncertainty:
Use a PC to graph wave packets that illustrate Heisenberg Uncertainty.
What would Heisenberg say about a Maxwell Demon?
Is Gravity a Maxwell Demon?
Use a PC to graph Beats and Square Waves.

Chaos Theory:
View opinions of experts on “What happens next?”.
Can a butterfly in South America cause a tornado in Texas?
Chaos is purely a mathematical concept that predicts that complex non-linear systems are inherently unpredictable.
Is the worlds economy Chaos? See the web.
Is calculus all powerful?
Graph Fractals.

"Physics Foibles" has more than 60 Visual Basics programs you can use as templets
to re-program in C, C++ or any other language of your choice.
View numerical solution to differential equations - look ma no calculus.
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